David Herbold

Freelance front-end web developer and graphic designer

David Herbold

Hi. I'm Dave. I'm a front end web developer and graphic designer. I've been an obsessive self-taught learner of the web for a while now. I provide full-scope web dev and design services from logo design, to creating websites, to marketing them. I'm a fairly good all-around web guy. If you are interested, you can learn a bit more about how I work. Oh, and when I'm not nerding on the web, I am a ridiculously obsessed bicycle nerd.

Tools and Tech

Standards based web design, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Scss/Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Coda, Sublime, Codekit, Genesis, Zurb Foundation, _S, Responsive Web Design, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, SEO, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Apple

Sites of Note

Tenac Championship Coaching asked for a comprehensive establishment of their business identity and multimedia marketing foudnation. Through collaboration with designer Casey Robertson, Tenac was provided with a business identity, print materials, soft-goods, website and social media accounts. This included training and consulting services for a continuing independent marketing effort. The Website is responsive Wordpress built on the Genesis framework.


2014 HTML5 responsive Wordpress site includes a fully integrated newsletter subscription form, contact form, digital download sales component including ssl and authoize.net payment gateway integration. Also provided social media, SEO, print design, and newsletter marketing services. Visit


2012 HTML5 responsive Wordpress site including ecommerce, jQuery backstretch for big responsive background images and some other key Wordpress plugins for security and backups. Following the build, a comprehensive marketing effort was put forth to generate visibility for the site. Check out Superissimo's associated media outlets instagram, tumblr and Facebook.

The marketing effort devoted to Superissimo.com maintained its focus on social media - specifically Facebook - by providing a largely organic effort (ie; no paid sharing). As a return, the niche responded by rpoviding Superissimo a respectable collection of likes and shares by which the viable ROI of soft-goods sales via the site, paid dividends.


2012 HTML5 responsive Wordpress website developed for Spun Bicycles bike shop of Cincinnati, OH. A responsive portfolio & blog. spunbicycles.com

2013 HTML5 responsive Wordpress including a full SEO content rewrite that in-turn, increased visibility and conversions substantially (form submissions and phone calls) for the company. Visit arizonaslidingdoor.com

2010 Hand built XHTML Wordpress theme for science journalist Anne Minard

H-ball.com is a simple site built by hand using the skeleton responsive framework. It's fully responsive, and fast loading. It includes a hand-scripted contact form as well, and that's it!h-ball.com