David Herbold

David Herbold

Freelance front-end web developer and graphic designer

Hello. I'm Dave. I'm a freelance front end web developer and graphic designer. While I'm formally trained in graphic design, I have been a self taught web guy since about 2001. I provide full scope design & web development services while also being able to provide crucial marketing efforts. I have extensive experience hand crafting social media campaigns, content marketing, SEO, and email marketing. Oh, and I am also a ridiculously obsessed bicycle nerd.

Tools and Tech

Adobe CS, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Scss/Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Coda, Codekit, Genesis, Zurb Foundation, _S, Responsive Web Design, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, SEO, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools


While I have worked on literally 100's of sites, some of my greatest accomplishments are now lost to time and updates. As a note, all of my sites from 2010 onward are responsive. The following developments stand out in both design and - more importantly - effectiveness because creating a website is one thing, while conversions and improved business for their associated owners, is another, and these sites and efforts prove the web really can work.

Tenac Championship Coaching asked for a comprehensive establishment of both their business identity and the establishment of this identity online and in print. Through collaboration with the fantastic designer Casey Robertson, Tenac was provided with a business identity, print materials, soft-goods, website and social media accounts. All this was crafted to provide a complete business identity for Tenac to move forward with. The Website is responsive Wordpress built on the Genesis framework. Visit GoTenac.com

2014 HTML5 responsive Wordpress site built on the Genesis "framework" foundation that includes a fully integrated newsletter capture form, contact form, digital download component including ssl and authoize.net payment gateway integration.

Beyond the technical features of this site, Cyclologic contracted for social media and newsletter marketing efforts that provided a very nice return on the investment. Visit cyclologic.com

2012 HTML5 responsive Wordpress site built on a Genesis "framework" with ecommerce & paypal integration component. This site also includes plenty of jquery trickery. As well, being a comprehensive marketing effort, also peruse its associated media outlets instagram, tumblr and Facebook.

The marketing effort devoted to Superissimo.com maintained its focus on social media - specifically Facebook - by providing a largely organic effort (ie; no paid sharing). As a return, the niche responded by rpoviding Superissimo a respectable collection of likes and shares by which the viable ROI of soft-goods sales via the site, paid dividends.

2012 HTML5 responsive Wordpress website developed for Spun Bicycles bike shop of Cincinnati, OH. A responsive portfolio & blog. spunbicycles.com

2013 HTML5 responsive Wordpress including a full SEO content rewrite that in-turn, increased visibility and conversions substantially (form submissions and phone calls) for the company. Visit arizonaslidingdoor.com

2010 Hand built XHTML Wordpress theme for science journalist Anne Minard

H-ball.com is a simple site built by hand using the skeleton responsive framework. It's fully responsive, and fast loading. It includes a hand-scripted contact form as well, and that's it!h-ball.com

Notes on how I work

Since 2001, the effort to create conversions from efforts on the web has become a complex list of "todo's". The collateral marketing needed must also be considered whether it is email marketing, social marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing or a combination of all marketing types including traditional marketing concepts such as print advertising. Yes, the effort can be huge. I work closely with small business' and individuals who have great ideas in order to define the scope of the effort, and then I create a comprehensive "system" by which they are able to increace visiblity and drive conversions. ROI is indeed, the name of the game.

Getting it done fast

People talk of frameworks. It's a buzzword of sorts. For my clients, and realistic production timelines, I use and consider Wordpress as my framework. Sometimes the sites I create are hand made while in other instances, I work from a sub-framework of wordpress such as Studiopress or _underscores to create sites fast while knowing that they will work across devices. What and when I use a framework - including Wordpress - vs creating a site from scratch simply depends on
the needs of my clients.